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Reactive to an ultra-high wavelength within the visible light spectrum

The performance of a photocatalyst is dependent on the area of the light spectrum it responses to. Conventional photocatalysts react only to the ultraviolet rays range (close to 3% content in the solar light, close to nil in incandescent light), making it almost non-functional in spaces deprived of sunlight access.

With time R&D made photocatalyst reactive to visible light, but only to the level of blue wavelength. Ecolala Coat exceeded this result, enabling reaction to the visible yellow wavelength of the visible spectrum. This means that effective reaction under a mere room lighting – fluorescent or LED – became possible, thus significantly broadening the range of suitable for application areas.


Apatite layer

Coating of titanium oxide with a layer of apatite particles allows use of organic materials as substrates.Apatite works as a buffer making the substrate resistant to chalking (an effect seen in conventional products when titanium oxide applied without primers may start decomposing organic substrates).This makes Ecolala Coating applicable to various types of materials – paper, plastic, fabric etc.
It is also apatite that makes the coating work in a close to non-stop mode. Particles of apatite have an ability to adsorb harmful substances regardless of light’s presence. Then, once exposed to light, titanium oxide starts the decomposition process. This way the coating provid


The most powerful active oxygen -OH radicals

Light catalyst reaction is enabled with our coating by forming on a substrate’s surface a layer of titanium oxide activated once exposed to light, which results in titanium oxide’s development of active oxygen OH radicals through a chemical reaction between present in the air oxygen and particles of water.
OH radicals have a very short life span. Right after being produced they enter into a short decomposing reaction with organic substances and completely resolve without a chance to enter human body and thus recognized completely safe. OH radicals decompose harmful organic substances (virus, bacteria, odors or mold) through an oxidation reaction, producing carbon dioxide (harmless level) and water.
OH radicals have superior oxidizing properties, 2.05 times and 1.35 times hither than that of chlorine and ozone
respectively, making it the most powerful oxidant.




Original equipment for spray application

No matter how excellent the product is, it is the ease of right application that makes the difference. While available in stores cup guns for coating ejects 20 ?m particles, our Misty Jet and Misty Tornado exclusively used for Ecolala Coat application eject extremely fine particles as small as 3~5 ?m. Fine particles allow formation of a larger titanium oxide coating surface, dramatically increasing the catalyst capacity. In addition, an automated spraying process will significantly reduce requirements of manpower and application time.


Ecolala’s video

Titanium oxide is safe

The main component of Ecolala Coat is titanium oxide, widely used as white pigment in a broad range of consumer
products (white paint etc).
It is an extremely stable substance approved as a food additive. Proven safe for the
environment and health, it is present in various products supporting our daily life.


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